Jan 30, 2014

Carl Kleiner Photographer

Carl Kleiner is an amazing photographer from stockholm. He works for various project in fashion and magazines. The pictures are so strong! And I LOVE his way to match colors. So talented. Check his online portfolio, the diary is beautiful.

Jan 27, 2014

Sessun Spring Summer 2014

Here is an extract of the new Sessun Spring Summer Collection 2014, this famous french label. The photo shooting is beautiful, and the clothes too. I work sometimes on patterns for this elegant brand, and I'm proud because I really love every collection they make.

Jan 24, 2014

My Instagram

Few little life snippets from my Instagram. I'm not a incredible photographer... but you can follow me if you want! instagram.com/claireleina

1/ Sunday Brunch
2/ Datura flower
3/ Yumi
4/ Ibiscus flower
5/ My lovely cat Hercule
6/ London roof top

Vintage custom lamp

Hey look what I found on Seesaw! (fantastic blog) Some amazing vintage lamps customised by Earth Sea Warrior (strange name?) from Brooklyn NY, on Etsy. I adore the first one!

Jan 23, 2014

Watercolor Illustrations - 2013

Here are my last watercolor illustrations from 2013. You can check more on my website in : Surface Pattern // Patterns.. Have a nice day!

Margaux Keller Design Studio

Margaux Keller is a talented french designer based in Marseille, south of France.
I have discovered her work because we worked on the same collection for Habitat. I love her products, and I'm a big fan of her desk on the third pic. Check her website, you will find more projects.

Jan 22, 2014

Chloé Fleury - Paper Artist

I present you the great work of Chloé Fleury, a french paper artist based in San Francisco CA. She studied in the same school as me, so I'm proud to show you her beautiful artworks. There's a lot of paper artist today, but she succeeds to be one of the best, with her delicacy, and precision. Here is her portfolio but you can also visit her blog which is a great way to follow her work, her life, her inspirations.

Jan 17, 2014

Jeannie Phan

Here is some artworks of Jeannie Phan, an internationally published illustrator based in Toronto. I love her style, and the delicate way she uses ink. Her website is full of beautiful projects so don't hesitate to take a peek!

Jan 15, 2014

Inspiring Mason Jars

These days, Mason Jars inspires lots of designers, artists, or people who have a sense of creativity. They turn vintage Mason Jars into vases, pots, lamps, etc.. Here are samples of what you can find on Pinterest or different blogs. I hope to find time soon to make my own!

1/ BeachBlues from Etsy
2/ 2hflowers.com
3/ Bourbon and Boots
4/ Revisions Design Studio
5/ BootsNGus from Etsy
6/ Lovintagefinds from Etsy

Jan 14, 2014

Dane Lovett

Dane Lovett is a great painter from Melbourne - Australia. I discovered his work through Pinterest and I love the way he paints plants, realistic but not too much. Check his website here for more painting.


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