Nov 9, 2015

Ikea Hack - Leka baby Gym

Hello Monday! Today I wanted to show you the Leka baby Gym that I bought for my daughter. I really like Ikea products but this time, I thought maybe this one was a little bit to... simple. So I decided to work a bit on it. I bought 2 pretty ikea toys, the rattle cat and the soft elephant. I can't remember where I got the third toy, but it's an incredible soft mouse. But of course you can use 3 different toys, it's up to you, but make sure that the toys are especially made for babies, without small pieces. I painted the red parts and the big buttons in white color. On top of the wooden buttons, I added 3 big leather buttons that I had from an old coat. With a simple woolen thread, I attached the toys. And, for the small pieces which turn, I added some gold masking tape to make kind of stars. I know that babies love simple colors as red or yellow or green, but I wanted to find a compromise, so I decided to add toys which make noise such as the cat or the elephant, who squeaks when squeezed, to stimulate my baby's hearing. Lucky me, my daughter Tess loves it!


Ninon said...

I love the way you transformed this very "childish" toy into something as great for your baby but also very stylish!!

Claire Leina said...

Thank you Ninon!


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